DUI has many consequences beyond a courtroom. In addition to fines and even jail time you may be faced to explain to family, friends and employers why you can not drive.

Most charges are misdemeanors but some individuals face felonies. Often times prosecutors seek out felony charges because of a child in the vehicle or the individual was driving on a suspended license. Penalties sought range from up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine to a multi-year prison sentence.

In addition to possible jail time and steep fines you will also face higher insurance rates and a loss of driving privileges. The additional costs and inability to drive only compound the difficulty of having a DUI on your record.

How the Law Office of Brian E. Small can help you:

  • File a motion to dismiss the charges– If it can be shown the police had no right to pull you over the charges may be dismissed.
  • Request supervision– This option allows you to keep a conviction for DUI off your record. The judge will require you to complete a number of steps in a program including treatment and keep a clean record for a period of time. At the conclusion of the program the judge will dismiss the case and the DUI will only show as an arrest and not a conviction.
  • Trial– A trial to judge or jury can be used not only to challenge a breathalyzer, but also the officer’s observation.