Driving Under The Influence

DUI in Illinois can come with serious consequences.  However, having an attorney who understands the system can help.  Whether you think you are caught red handed or think your case is worth fighting Brian can help you.  Every initial consultation will cover what your consequences may be, and a discussion about how to fight your case.  Most clients also face the possibility of a license suspension.  Many can avoid this either through a permit or challenging the suspension.

Common DUI Consequences

Every case and client is a little different.  However, there are common themes.  Please use the guide below to learn about what may happen IF you are found guilty.

First DUI Offense

Criminal Penalties

A first time DUI is not the end of the world.  Most first time offenders can avoid a conviction and receive court supervision.  At sentencing it is not uncommon to see minimal to no fines.  A Blood Alcohol above .16 typically requires community service.  All offenders receive some counseling and are required to attend a Victim Impact Panel.

Effect on Drivers License

A license suspension called the Statutory Summary Suspension may  apply.  A BAC of .08 results in a 6 Month Suspension and a Refusal a 12 Month suspension.

Second DUI Offense

Third DUI Offense

Felony DUI