While Speeding under 25 and under in Illinois is a Minor Moving Violation speeds over 25 are considered misdemeanors.  Additionally, construction zone and school zone speeding tickets have their own special rules.  These tickets if not handled appropriately can severely impact your ability to drive. While convictions can impact your wallet.  A skilled attorney can reduce harsh consequences.  In many cases Brian can work to amend the charges.  High speed tickets become a lower speed, while construction and school zone tickets become regular tickets.  A skilled attorney can protect your insurance record preventing your insurance rates from going up and keeping your fines low.

What Brian Does:

  • With experience from downtown to suburban courts Brian knows what each court needs.
  • Brian will personally fully discuss your case, background and your outcome.
  • Brian will work to reduce charges or take a case to trial to get you the best outcome.
  • Most clients get Supervision (no points)
  • Some clients will even see no fine.
  • No Client has ever paid the maximum fine.
  • Avoid Jailtime
  • Avoid Higher Insurance Rates

Aggravated Speeding Classifications

  • 26-34 MPH over the Speed Limit a Class B Misdemeanor
    • Supervision Eligible
    • Maximum Fine $1,500
    • Jail possible but very unlikely
  •  35+ over the Speed Limit a Class A Misdemeanor
    • Not Supervision Eligible unless reduced
    • Maximum fine $2,500
    • Jail Possible but very unlikely

Petty Speeding

  • Anything between 1-25 MPH over the speed limit
    • Supervision Eligible
    • Maximum Fine $500
  • CDL Holders over 15 MPH over the speed limit.
    • Counts as a Serious Moving Violation under DOT
    • Not eligible for Supervision under DOT

Construction Zone Speeding

  • Minimum Fine $375
  • Second Violation may result in a license suspension.

School Zone Speeding

  • $150 Minimum Fine
  • No Supervision