News Release: Law Office of Brian E. Small BBB Accreditation

The Law Office of Brian E. Small EARNS BBB ACCREDITATION

Chicago, IL – November 11, 2010 – Becoming an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau is an honor not accorded to all businesses; because not all businesses meet eligibility standards. The Law Office of Brian Small is pleased to announce today that it has met all BBB standards and is now an Accredited Business.

“Accreditation in the BBB is by invitation only” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “And only those businesses that meet our high standards, and pass the review process are approved by our Board of Directors”.

As with all businesses that are accredited by the BBB, The Law Office of Brian Small has committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices.  The Code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices on how businesses treat consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly and being truthful. Bernas adds “To maintain their accreditation a business must be transparent, honor their promises, be responsive to their customers, and safeguard their privacy.”

“We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business,” said Brian Small. “In today’s world it is imperative that our customers know how seriously we take our commitment to excellence and good customer service. Our achieving BBB Accreditation exemplifies that goal.”

The Law Office of Brian Small is a three year old firm offering consumers the best in legal representation in the area of Traffic and License law. “Our desire is to stay focused on what we do best; provide outstanding products and unsurpassed customer service,” said Brian Small

For more information contact: Brian E. Small, 312-436-1504

About the Better Business Bureau: As a private, non-profit organization, the purpose of the Better Business Bureau is to promote an ethical marketplace. BBBs help resolve buyer/seller complaints by means of conciliation, mediation and arbitration. BBBs also review advertising claims, online business practices and charitable organizations. BBBs develop and issue reports on businesses and nonprofit organizations and encourage people to check out a company or charity before making a purchase or donation.

Less Speeding Tickets Being Issued?

The Chicago Tribune Reported here. That speeders have one less reason to worry.  The State Police photo enforcement van for the tollway has been sent back to Springfield.  The photo vans were a powerhouse of enforcement allowing State Police to literally write hundreds of tickets.  Following a decline in construction zones the van was sent south to do some work there.  However, State Police still are patrolling the highways and other vans patrol area expressways.

Why Going To Trial May Pay Off

Funny things start happening when a lawyer pushes a DUI case to trial.  Prosecutors get a bit flustered.   Judges may look at you and ask why.  In many cases they make comments about how this is a waste of time.  Well today a similar thing happened and the State pushed for a trial while offering plea deals left and right.  Then it happened.  The case was called for a third time that morning before the Judge and the prosecutor said “Your Honor we cannot meet our burden….”  The Judge dismissed the case.  After repeatedly telling me why I should not take this case to trial my client wins because the state did not have enough evidence.  Amazing what hiring a lawyer and listening to him/ her will do, because in this case my client wanted to plea months ago.  I explained to him the issues and he agreed trial was the best option.  Today he confirmed what I told him, he did not deserve a DUI conviction.