License Reinstatement

If your Driver’s License has been revoked or suspended you may need a a hearing before the Secretary of State. Having a lawyer to guide you through the process can help improve your chances of regaining your right to drive. You need to make sure your case is presented properly. If it is not and you go for a second hearing any damaging information in the first hearing may potentially be used against you again.

How The Law Office of Brian E. Small can help you:

Make sure all paperwork is accurate and complete
Discuss with you at length the types of questions asked in a formal hearing so you have no surprises
Guide you through the reinstatement process
Help you prepare the best possible case for yourself
Types of Cases Handled by The Law Office of Brian E. Small:

Secretary of State Formal Hearings for License Reinstatement/ Restricted Driving Permits
Vacate Orders – This removes court orders from holding your license back
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