Anita Alvarez is Soft on Cops

It took me a little while to calm down before I wrote this post.  Recently an Officer was accused of falsifying police reports in DUI arrests.  I personally know people this officer has ruined  the lives of.  Ms. Alvarez determined she did not have a strong case to go in on.

However, why does she continue to prosecute clients of mine when she does not have any evidence?

On more than one occasion Assistant State’s Attorneys in Cook County will utter phrases like “I know I don’t have the proof, but my supervisor won’t let me drop it.”

I have DUIs that go to trial with no field sobriety or breathalyzer tests only the word of the officer that he/she smelled alcohol.  Usually these cases are dismissed by the judge, but defendants still have to go through the time and expense of trial even when there is no case.

I ask people to remember this when she comes up for re-election.  I understand a prosecutor is supposed to be tough, but if she is going to pursue cases that are weak on some fronts shouldn’t she pursue those cases which may be unpopular as well?

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