Why Going To Trial May Pay Off

Funny things start happening when a lawyer pushes a DUI case to trial.  Prosecutors get a bit flustered.   Judges may look at you and ask why.  In many cases they make comments about how this is a waste of time.  Well today a similar thing happened and the State pushed for a trial while offering plea deals left and right.  Then it happened.  The case was called for a third time that morning before the Judge and the prosecutor said “Your Honor we cannot meet our burden….”  The Judge dismissed the case.  After repeatedly telling me why I should not take this case to trial my client wins because the state did not have enough evidence.  Amazing what hiring a lawyer and listening to him/ her will do, because in this case my client wanted to plea months ago.  I explained to him the issues and he agreed trial was the best option.  Today he confirmed what I told him, he did not deserve a DUI conviction.

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