Who gets in trouble more?

I am often asked if my clients are more men or more women.  I have to give the sorry truth.  It appears men are worse.  (I maintain I am a better driver than my significant other.)  To be honest about 80% of my clients are men.  And a recent article here confirms that.  Unfortunately, that means men foot a higher insurance bill.  So what can you do?  For one request supervision or fight every ticket no matter how trivial.  The cost of going to court can often save over a $1,000 in future expenses.

And as always I recommend hiring a competent lawyer.  A little more expensive now can often save you a lot latter.

Drive safe!

Parking Ticket License Suspension and a Hardship License

In the last few weeks I have seen a spike in calls from individuals who are looking for a hardship license when their license is suspended for failure to pay parking tickets. Unfortunately, these individuals are not eligible for a hardship license. Individuals with a parking ticket suspension do have options however. Option one is to simply pay the tickets. Option two is to go to an administrative hearing and contest the tickets and work to get some sort of reduction in monies due. Option three is to take it to court and get a court order reducing or eliminating the parking tickets. In my opinion the second option is the best option. Calling a lawyer today can help stop the endless cycle of escalating fines, and the Law Office of Brian E. Small is ready to help.

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