Take Your DUI Penalties Seriously

A Norridge man was convicted on February 10, 2010 for his 7th DUI charge. He was sentence to 10 years in prison. A DUI is a serious matter and worth hiring a lawyer. Jail time, loss of licenses, and fines, court costs, and lost wages are all a possibility. A lawyer can help you through the process and work for the best resolution possible. Making sure all of your legal matters are taken care of, from a basic ticket to a DUI can save you time, money and future legal troubles.

Importance of Hiring a Lawyer

Last December, Chris Chelios the Chicago hockey all-star and former Blackhawk player was pulled over and arrested for a suspected DUI.  He completed field sobriety tests, but declined to take the breathalyzer.  Chris’ next move was to call a lawyer.  With the assistance of a lawyer the license suspension was thrown out and the charges will likely be dropped.

Having a lawyer is your guide to getting your life back on track.  The Law Office of Brian E. Small only handles traffic law and license cases, so Brian knows what to look for in your case, what evidence is admissible, and what your options are.  You don’t have to endure the legal process alone.

Lidar Speed Detectors Admissible in Court

You may have seen in the news awhile back that courts were throwing out speeding tickets when the Lidar speed detector was used. That is no longer the case with a court ruling finding lidar speed detection scientifically sound. What does this mean for you? If you have a speeding ticket, it will not automatically be dismissed if Lidar was used. Having a lawyer present at even a basic ticket can help to save you headaches down the road.