Cell Phone Bans May Be Useless

New Research is showing accident claims are not affected by bans on talking or texting on cell phones.  So the next question is with this knowledge what will lawmakers do now?  Will they come up with stricter penalties?  Roll back legislation?  or just leave them the same.  Either way this supports my belief that many lawmakers just pass laws that look good without really addressing underlying problems.

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Feds Ban CDL Texting and Driving

Attention drivers of commercial vehicles:

Effective immediately drivers of buses and vehicles over 10,000 are prohibited from texting nationwide.


Time To Fix Your License

Over the next few weeks many of you will be getting their tax returns back.  The refund check is a perfect opportunity to clean up your license.  Many communities offer parking ticket amnesty programs in late January and February.  Hire a lawyer to figure out what exactly is wrong with your license or if you already know contact Brian Small for a license reinstatement hearing.  Make 2010 the year you get yourself back on the road legally.