Brian Small Comments on DUI and BAIID

Last week the State Journal Register published an article here on ignition control devices.  The new requires individuals have to have a device installed in their car for months if they wish to drive.  I have had similar experiences as the attorney in the article that many clients find the device difficult to use and expensive.

The biggest downside to this law is, in my opinion, creating a group of unproductive members of society.  This law has done nothing but ruin the lives of more than one of my clients.  Those will argue it is part of punishment, however the goal of a law should also be to restore that member to society in a fashion that enables him to do his time and move on.

I find it very interesting that the police spokesperson refused to comment on the legislation a year later.    We need to take some time to really consider this law to see if it really worth having.

Red Light Cameras Continue To Make News

Once again Red-light Cameras are gracing the pages of the Chicago Tribune.  See their story here on how these cameras are not making intersections any safer.  In fact they are on occasion making some intersections a bit more dangerous.

Here are Brian Small’s Tips on Cameras:

  1. They do not count against your driving record.
  2. If you believe the ticket is in error watch the video.  Each ticket you receive in the mail has a link to a video of you passing through the intersection.
  3. Fight it if you the video does not prove you ran the light.

Distracted Driving

Two new distracted driving laws on the books this new year.

1. No texting or emailing anywhere in Illinois

2. Must use a handsfree device in school and construction zones throughout Illinois.

These two new laws are designed to cut down on accidents from distracted driving.

I however expect to see a spike in police activity near 100 foot long construction zones.  So be careful drivers both in where you use your phone and how you drive.  Too many of these tickets and you could face a license suspension.

Here is an article from the Tribune on it.