Parking Ticket Grace?

Mayor Daley has proposed a grace period of 5 minutes after your meter expires.  This is a rare move for the city.  It would allow a driver to contest the ticket if it was written in this grace period.  The catch? You get one shot at this a year.  Read more over at the Chicago Tribune.

Why Hire A Lawyer

Often times people ask what the benefit of hiring a lawyer is.  Recently a young man called me about fixing his license.  It became apparent in moments that he had not been given the kinds of fines etc. after a DUI years ago.  What he has saved in legal fees will not even begin to cover the fines, costs, future legal fees, and lost wages.  Some lawyers are dirt cheap some are very expensive but if you try I think you can find one you can afford.  Trust me when I say this pay a little now or pay a lot more later.

Should your parents stop driving?

A recent article in the Sun-Times available here got me thinking.  When and how should you stop your parents from driving.  It isn’t just parents.  Unfortunately, many of us know someone who has a disability that puts themselves and others at risk.  When someone you love has a disability what do you do if the person is unwilling to listen to your advice and they really should not drive?  My advice would be to have their physician and your loved one fill out a medical for available here.  Should a physician check a box indicating your loved one is not safe to drive it can prevent them from being able to renew the license.  However, getting a loved one to sign the form is critical and they may be unwilling to sign.

I know this is a tough thing facing many children of baby boomers in the coming years.  I urge you for their safety don’t be afraid to have this talk when the time comes.  My family did with my Grandmother and I do think in the end it saved her.